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curmudgeon: Veni, Vidi velcro - I came, I saw, I stuck around. Mar 6, 2019 9:13:43 GMT
walkingdecay: Astronauts have velcro on their flyholes, which not only prevents entrapment in zips, but in the ISS prevents static jolts to the genitals. I suppose that whether you approve of the latter effect or not depends on how old you are. Mar 7, 2019 9:51:24 GMT
walkingdecay: I see there's actually been a spike in Michael Jackson's record sales this week. Time for Harris to re-release Two Little Boys, clearly. Mar 9, 2019 9:53:29 GMT *
hattwat: Check out my latest message on here. Yes, I'm still alive - just! Mar 11, 2019 1:11:48 GMT
ocarolan: Very pleased to hear it Phil! Mar 11, 2019 10:01:20 GMT
walkingdecay: Bloodnok: What is your name? Seagoon: Don't tell him Henry. Mar 16, 2019 2:16:19 GMT
walkingdecay: Spike anticipating Pike. Mar 16, 2019 2:19:30 GMT
leoroberts: Phil, your latest message (according to my computer) was 2016! Mar 21, 2019 7:33:06 GMT
walkingdecay: Expecting me to cheer Michael Heseltine was going a few light years too far. Mar 24, 2019 2:28:15 GMT
martinrowe: Who's Michael Heseltine? Mar 24, 2019 18:45:08 GMT
walkingdecay: A bad haircut from the realms of an evil witch. Even speaking at an anti-Brexit demo cannot redeem such a creature. You simply can't go anywhere these days. It's bad enough fearing to use the railways in case you run into Michael Portillo. Mar 25, 2019 9:06:38 GMT
walkingdecay: Beatles: Made On Merseyside doc on iPlayer at the moment is rather good, if you ignore the strange Pete Best eulogy. (He had trouble playing anything other than fours, the "atom beat" was a London thing, not Best's creation, and so on). Apr 1, 2019 7:14:52 GMT
ocarolan: I enjoyed that too! Apr 1, 2019 20:22:11 GMT
walkingdecay: The picture on today's Bing homepage is of a rack of 45RPM vinyl singles, and it's torture. Sets your flipping fingers a-jerking and your treasure hunting eyes a-flicker without hope of release. Apr 13, 2019 6:41:08 GMT
walkingdecay: Saw Greta Thunsberg yesterday. As composed and incisive as expected, but I couldn't escape the feeling that too much is being heaped upon one so young. Apr 23, 2019 7:55:00 GMT
martinrowe: I saw her on the news - I feel ashamed. I know the answer to that. Reminder to self: do not substitute listening to people with sensible arguments who wear suits, with doing something. Apr 23, 2019 14:28:50 GMT
walkingdecay: We just have to do what we can, even if it can never even approach being enough. While the real power lies in the hands of the likes of Trump, May and other "growth" addicts, we are actually.... Apr 24, 2019 13:20:17 GMT
curmudgeon: STAR WARS DAY ... !!! .................................. May the 4th be with you! May 4, 2019 8:43:36 GMT
Martin: yaaaaas!!! May the Fourth!! :vader: May 4, 2019 10:00:32 GMT
robmc: It me boy's birthday today, easy one to remember! :vader: May 4, 2019 11:13:26 GMT