YAGMC 2015 - Harlee Deamer


What's on your mind?
curmudgeon: Storm Eunice?? Moved cars off drive at midnight Good thing! falling tiles would have demolished both. Large greenhouse looks like Crystal Palace ...after the fire! Took cat to vets for gruesome procedure - I've taken to drink! Feb 18, 2022 17:39:21 GMT
otis1960: It’s been a bit windy, I’ll grant you. Our postie still had shorts on, mind, but with SOCKS! Call yourself a Northerner? Feb 19, 2022 0:03:56 GMT
curmudgeon: Roofer just called - given me a quote. Its about the same as the vets bill yesterday. Had to postpone two zoom lessons though so less income. Feb 19, 2022 11:44:33 GMT
martinrowe: Just got electricity, hot water, and heating back - off since Friday. No internet, TV, or email - interesting. Hint: woodburners are good for making coffee with a saucepan. Feb 21, 2022 22:20:07 GMT
curmudgeon: Visited my allotment today. My greenhouse is now spread over about four others. Really sorry for folks up north threatened by flooding. We narrowly missed flodding in '87. Feb 21, 2022 23:14:23 GMT
borborygmus: ...since Friday! :faint: Feb 22, 2022 17:53:06 GMT
Onechordtrick: The bin lorry appears to have broken down outside my house blocking the road Mar 10, 2022 8:25:08 GMT
Onechordtrick: If it were recycling week I could accept that I'd overloaded it with bottles but that's next week. Mar 10, 2022 8:25:55 GMT
pakhan: Hi everyone, in case you were interested, I just posted up an interview with the celebrated builder; Ren Ferguson! Mar 23, 2022 1:27:08 GMT
ocarolan: :thumbup: Mar 23, 2022 10:27:37 GMT
coolcat: I'm in a rebellious mood today. Anyone else in the same frame of mind? ;) Apr 2, 2022 14:44:53 GMT
martinrowe: No you're not :) Apr 2, 2022 16:17:06 GMT
otis1960: On balance, I cannot recommend moving house concurrent with contracting Covid as a form of recreation. Apr 22, 2022 20:56:32 GMT
otis1960: Nor either in the singular, for that matter Apr 22, 2022 20:57:40 GMT
minorkey: House moving is bad enough as it is! Apr 23, 2022 11:26:17 GMT
scorpiodog: There are 4 fabulous examples of wood and wire in the classifieds at the moment and I'm only slightly tempted. Does GAS disappear with extreme age? Apr 28, 2022 11:16:02 GMT
martinrowe: I can't remember Apr 29, 2022 6:18:01 GMT
minorkey: Getting some page errors on here today
Apr 29, 2022 19:22:08 GMT
Onechordtrick: It’s :guinness: time :) sitting in the bar at Dublin airport May 19, 2022 16:52:51 GMT
ocarolan: Have one for me! :guinness: May 20, 2022 10:19:51 GMT