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robmc: A life size water feature of Cat-Fish Stevens or Nicola Sturgeon? Jun 8, 2021 6:11:46 GMT *
walkingdecay: Good idea, but I'm not not keen on Catfish Stevens (to say the least). Eel Young, maybe? Take Sprat? Or someone classical like Ralph Prawn Williams. Jun 8, 2021 9:38:15 GMT
scorpiodog: Looking at these from all angles, I think this whale issue has been scaled up out of all proporbeagle. Someone's trawling the bottom for these puns and if we're not careful it'll put the catch among the pigeons. We're making a rod for our own bass. Reely. Jun 8, 2021 10:27:03 GMT
walkingdecay: I sea, anenome of these rays on words. Maybe we should orcabout it. Don't keep me whiting. Jun 8, 2021 10:46:24 GMT
scorpiodog: I agree we should mullet over and I am sorry to carp on about it, but as you know I am a Goby git. This is all a bit fishy. However, "live and let dive" is my motto and if you want to cod tin you, then you hake on, my dear chap. Jun 8, 2021 12:00:48 GMT
walkingdecay: "cod tin you..." Masterful. Jun 8, 2021 17:01:41 GMT
otis1960: Don’t think I am briney enough for this thread. Jun 8, 2021 19:28:21 GMT
martinrowe: I've never had crabs Jun 8, 2021 19:30:17 GMT
robmc: Don't believe you Martin Jun 8, 2021 22:03:39 GMT
walkingdecay: He was prawn to be wild. Couldn't kelp it. Jun 8, 2021 22:41:22 GMT
martinrowe: I'll get on me perch and offer this: Cray Sea Horses Jun 9, 2021 8:29:22 GMT
robmc: (rofl) Eel Young and Cray Sea Horses at all good Sea Life Centres near you. Jun 9, 2021 10:19:31 GMT
scorpiodog: After The Goldfish Rush. Jun 9, 2021 10:31:39 GMT
walkingdecay: Cortez The Kriller Jun 9, 2021 23:55:43 GMT
ocarolan: Pardon? I think need a herring aid. Jun 10, 2021 10:19:37 GMT
walkingdecay: The CAGED system: the guitar teacher's revenge on folks who refuse to learn theory. If you follow this system for navigating the fretboard you too can wind up in the musical equivalent of Haiti, when you only intended to visit the toilet. Jun 10, 2021 19:52:25 GMT
martinrowe: Julian Lage is playing at the London Jazz Festival in November Jun 13, 2021 9:40:27 GMT
curmudgeon: They should have a follow up to the G7 summit and have a C Major summit. Maybe that#ll resolve something! Boom boom! (Heard on Classic FM!) (that's a keeper!) Jun 13, 2021 12:01:14 GMT *
ocarolan: :D Jun 13, 2021 13:38:54 GMT
walkingdecay: Well, Johnson was there to make up a bridge. Jun 15, 2021 9:58:42 GMT