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newdave: True dat Otis. And (I know this is forum blasphemy) I have more than enough guitars already. Sept 23, 2023 18:20:08 GMT
ocarolan: .. pardon?!I didn't hear that... Sept 24, 2023 12:16:12 GMT
otis1960: Careful Dave, you don’t want to get cancelled for making heretical statements like that Sept 24, 2023 13:47:38 GMT
borborygmus: These Martins for sale - bittersweet, I think. Sept 24, 2023 20:48:50 GMT
leoroberts: 100%. I've taken the opportunity to play all 4 of them at Huddersfield tonight. Such memories. Sept 29, 2023 20:58:48 GMT
Akquarius: One is with me now, another is with Scorpiodog. So these 2 are still within the Acoustic Soundboard family. Oct 5, 2023 13:44:54 GMT
newdave: I have just found out that the band Steely Dan is named after a steam powered oversized metal dildo. :o The world still looks the same but I don't think I will ever be the same again. Oct 21, 2023 21:29:38 GMT *
newdave: You're more likely to be killed crossing the road than by AI. So that's one less thing to worry about. As long as you don't cross the road much. Oct 25, 2023 22:12:32 GMT
newdave: Whatever is happening in your life remember - things could be worse. You could be a member of the England 50 over cricket team. Oct 26, 2023 14:06:01 GMT
curmudgeon: newdave, I think I read Naked Lunch before I heard the band. I was deep into "Spec-fiction" in the '60s Oct 30, 2023 10:00:49 GMT
ocarolan: A bit scary in here today... :o Oct 31, 2023 12:18:46 GMT
martinrowe: Not just me then - banjos always make me uneasy. Oct 31, 2023 19:43:58 GMT *
ocarolan: Ah, normal service has been resumed. :) Oct 31, 2023 21:40:41 GMT
Martin: Just a different look for a few hours - come on, let yer hair down (those who are able) once in a while ;) Nov 1, 2023 13:28:51 GMT
ocarolan: :D Nov 1, 2023 15:54:44 GMT
ocarolan: Yipppeeee - Bonfire Night. Time for a Guy Fawkes tribute act to have another go, and hopefully do better.... Nov 5, 2023 19:05:31 GMT
newdave: Hearing and feeling a guitar open up in my hands is one of my favourite things. It's worth having so many guitars just so I can neglect them then dig them out and go from meh to I don't ever want to put you down. Wish I didn't have to go to bed. :mando: Nov 12, 2023 23:10:36 GMT *
borborygmus: It's cold here in Northamptonshire this morning; -1degC when I went out. It has also become dry, and my study is at 40% RH, the lower end of guitar comfort. Time to start the humidifier! Nov 25, 2023 12:08:13 GMT
newdave: A climate conference in an oil producing country. What could possibly go wrong? :-/ Nov 28, 2023 17:23:51 GMT
francis: John Renbourn stuff in FFG 246 this week :thumbup: Dec 2, 2023 14:12:21 GMT
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