Lughnasa Fiúntach Curadhi


What's on your mind?
ocarolan: What is? Nov 19, 2021 22:09:38 GMT
martinrowe: A planned colonoscopy Nov 20, 2021 8:17:42 GMT
ocarolan: The colonoscopy is fine. The effect of the pre-procedure mega-laxative provoke a mega dire rear, but on balance even that is, as you say Martin, better (slightly)than a poke in the eye with a sharp stick. Or any stick really. Nov 20, 2021 10:21:55 GMT
robmc: Norwich have started to win again... It must be a Christmas miracle (sorry Keith) Nov 20, 2021 18:12:00 GMT
curmudgeon: I'm sitting o n the sofa with the cat a 35 minutes past midnight watching x-men apocalypse .. and wondering why! Nov 21, 2021 0:36:41 GMT
curmudgeon: The cat just got up and walked away ... just me then! Nov 21, 2021 0:37:03 GMT
ocarolan: "...And now I see, I'm all alone, But that's the only way to be-e-e-e..." Nov 21, 2021 13:13:24 GMT
robmc: "...But that's the only way to be-e-e-e...if you're changing strings or having a colonoscopy-y-y-y..." Nov 23, 2021 14:16:07 GMT
ocarolan: :search: Nov 23, 2021 16:47:28 GMT
robmc: cold hands Keith... oh and you'll never find my banjo :evilsmile: Nov 26, 2021 13:29:20 GMT
ocarolan: :o Nov 27, 2021 13:37:54 GMT
otis1960: You obviously followed your neighbours’ suggestion then, robocall? Nov 28, 2021 9:37:17 GMT
otis1960: ha! Autocorrect strikes again- robmc obviously Nov 28, 2021 9:38:12 GMT
robmc: I can't remember what my neighbours suggested Andrew, but I like Robocall! Nov 28, 2021 22:07:35 GMT
otis1960: I presumed: where you could stick your banjo (at least it's not an accordion) Nov 28, 2021 22:38:30 GMT
robmc: Ahh, I see :)... Yes, I imagine that could include anything I own with strings on plus the dog! Nov 29, 2021 6:56:21 GMT
woodtoner: a guy left his accordion in his unlocked car..sure enough when he returned there were 2 accordions in his car! Nov 30, 2021 23:53:28 GMT
martinrowe: Just been learning a new tune - it's going really well. The Tourette's seems to be very bad at the moment though. Dec 3, 2021 15:02:09 GMT
woodtoner: *&!$ tell me a£%&*bout it you %&"£ !!! :) Dec 3, 2021 17:32:09 GMT
ocarolan: At a time when I was teaching guitar to a young lady, her mum said "It's always interesting to hear her practising - it's usually something like - strum strummity strum str..b*ll*x ...strum strumit..oh b*ll*x...and then goes downhill from there!" Dec 4, 2021 9:13:31 GMT